OUR REVIEW PROCESS – The Product Selection Policy

Why We Do These Reviews

Following a few frustrated purchasing decisions where even after looking at a zillion options and spending loads of time searching, wrong choices were made and we still didn’t buy the right product for our needs. We realised that this meant we had to start looking all over again, and it meant another purchase.

Thinking about what happened, we decided to set up something to help other people in their purchasing process. Making the right choices results in a reduction in redundant purchases, freeing up time and simplifying life. And with less wastage it means we can all do our bit for our planet.

Our Vision

Our vision is a happy reader that has saved time in their busy lives walking away with a considered simplified purchase of the right product for their needs.

What We Do to Help

We will help you decipher the never ending wall of choice that is thrown your way when you want to purchase something. The many different brands, style options, functionality and complexity that we all encounter if we are looking for something nowadays can create frustration, anxiety and result in loads of spent time and sometimes wrong choices.

We have taken this pain away from you by reviewing product options and presenting you with a manageable list of great solutions depending on your requirements.

Our Process

All our reviewed products are the result of an investment of hours and hours of research. Through customer feedback, expert guidance and drawing on our own experience, we have managed to select the best choice for you. Our team reviews thousands of products and unravels the plethora of noise to distel the cracking choices in our articles for your benefit.


We remain objective and independent in our article and product reviews and choices and we do not receive any financial or other compensation from any manufacturers. In addition, you can read the disclaimer clause in our Terms of Use.

We really appreciate your support when you purchase our choices through the links or buttons in our articles. If you click on the product link and make any purchase we may earn a small commission. It will not cost you anything extra and therefore does not impact on the price that you pay. This supports our continued work.

Having spent many hours researching through thousands of products and reviews, it is fair to state that we stand by our recommendations and further, we do not hesitate to use these products ourselves.

Thank you for your support. If you want to know more about us and when we have new articles and exciting adventures to share, keep visiting to stay in the loop.