You Choose Mountain Adventure


By ANNIE RITCHIE / February 17, 2023

Welcome to your mountain hike adventure! You are embarking on a journey to reach the summit and see the stunning viewpoint at the top. The journey won’t be easy, but you’re up for the challenge. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Part 1

With your backpack packed and nestled comfortably on your back, you begin your hike. It’s a warm summer’s day and you are excited to see all the different sights along the way and to breathe in the crisp fresh air. Soon you reach a fork in the trail. One path is steep – you can see it curling up the slope – but it is a short route. The other path is a lot longer but it is less steep. Which path do you choose?

A. Do you take the short, steep path?

B. Do you take the longer, less steep path?

If you chose A, go to part 2. If you chose B, go to part 3.

Choosing the short, steep path? 


Choosing the longer, less steep path?


As you climb up the steep path, you feel the muscles in your legs stretching and your heart pumping as you climb. As you walk you notice that the trail is made of loose grit and as you pace along it gets quite dusty.  You start to feel thirsty. You must decide how to quench your thirst.

A. Do you take a detour to look for a water source to fill your water bottle?

B. Do you keep walking and use a rehydration pack to drink whilst on the move?

If you chose A, go to part 4. If you chose B, go to part 5.

Choosing to look for a water source?


Choosing to keep walking and drink whilst on the move?


As you take the longer, less steep path, you have a chance to enjoy the view along the way keeping your eyes peeled to spot any wildlife that might be nearby. You hear something in the distance and see that the path is leading that way. You reach for your binoculars to see if you can spot what is up ahead causing the sound. That’s when you realise that there is a river in the way. You must decide how to cross to the other side if you want to continue along this path up to the viewing point.

A. Do you cross the river on the rocks?

B. Do you use a tree branch as a bridge to cross?

If you chose A, go to part 6. If you chose B, go to part 7.

Choosing to cross the river on the rocks?


Choosing to use a tree branch as a bridge to cross?


You hear the sound of splashing water and follow the sound until you reach a tiny waterfall.  It is cascading down the hill between the rocky outcrops. You reach down and fill your water bottle to the brim. The water is perfect – icy cold and so fresh it tastes like sunshine. While you drink, you sit down to enjoy your surroundings. When you feel refreshed and ready to continue, you start walking again, stopping along the way every so often to quench your thirst as you climb higher and higher.


The sun is beating down and you are working up quite a sweat. But as you keep walking and take sips of hydrating water, you feel your energy returning. You love challenging yourself and one thing you really enjoy is pushing yourself physically. This hike is no different. You are pleased you found a way to continue hiking the steep path straight to the viewing point. You prefer to speed up the mountain and have a more peaceful time at the top. You continue on and reach the viewing point in no time.


The river is beautiful with lush reed banks and mossy rocks. As you cross the river on the rocks, you slip and slide as the rocks are very slippery! You must decide how to prevent yourself from falling.

A. Do you pull on some hiking boots and keep trying?

B. Do you take a different route around the river using a GPS to guide you?

If you chose A, go to part 9. If you chose B, go to part 10.

Choosing to pull on some hiking boots?


Choosing to take a different route?


You look around to see if you can find a suitable tree branch. There seems to be a lot lying on the ground but you are concerned they are rotten and won’t hold your weight. You see that you will have to find some green-wood branches which will be stronger. Good thing you brought along your backpacking axe as you will need to do some chopping. You use the axe to tidy up the branch making it safe to use as a makeshift bridge. You position the branch across the stream. As you wobble your way across the bridge you laugh out loud as you find it quite challenging. You reach the other side safely and continue on your journey.


As you reach the top, you see the stunning valley below, with the ribbon of a river glinting in the sun. It’s so quiet that you can hear your own heartbeat. There is something so special about reaching the top of a mountain. It’s always worth the effort it has taken to get there and you feel a sense of accomplishment. You take a deep breath and enjoy the incredible view.


As you pick your way carefully across the river on the rocks, you find the grips on your hiking boots make all the difference. You do have a spare set of socks in your backpack so you can change if you slip into the water, but you hope that doesn’t happen. Luckily you manage to pick a safe route across the rocks by avoiding those with too much moss. You continue on your journey feeling proud of your perseverance. It’s this spirit that will carry you up that mountain.


As you take a different route around the river, you have a chance to see some lovely woodland along the way. All the green makes you feel calm and serene. It is so peaceful and as you walk you listen to the birds singing and smell the damp earthy scent of the forest. As you meander along you see a wooden bridge ahead. Crossing the river at the bridge, you reach the other side and continue on your journey. You love that you got to explore a bit as you find yourself back on track to reach the summit.


As you take in the stunning view, you feel a sense of happiness and pride. You made your choices and you made it to the top!

Congratulations on completing your happy mountain hike adventure!

Time To Pack

Now that we’ve had a bit of fun together, and visualised the hike, it’s time to plan that trip and sort that backpack.

You will need some kind of hydration during your hike. There are many options available to you. In the article below, we have narrowed down your choices of gallon water bottles with a look at the best gallon water bottles for hydration.

Although a camping knife may be sufficient, I do think there is an argument for bringing along a backpacking axe, but this will depend on the length of your hike and the type of terrain you are expecting to hike through. If you are expecting thickets and dense vegetation to hike through, an axe or hatchet will be invaluable.

I have always loved bird watching and when you are hiking outdoors, spotting wildlife is a lovely perk. When you are planning what to carry in your backpack, space is a premium and including a pair of binoculars may seem like an indulgence. Nevertheless, I always try to bring at least a compact pair with me.

Deciding what to carry along with you on a hike can be quite tricky. I hope that our You Choose Adventures get you to start thinking about what will work best for you and what gear you think you will need. We think it makes choosing gear just a little easier and certainly a lot more fun.